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Gabapentin Neurontin Page 4 Tinnitus Talk Support Forum I have come across some tinnitus patients treated by their ENT with neurontin and found this article published in May 2006 in the Journal Laryngoscope and I wanted to post the results: 1) The study looked at the effectiveness of gabapentin (neurontin) in treating chronic tinnitus in two populations: a) people with tinnitus with associated acoustic trauma AND b) people with tinnitus without associated acoustic trauma. So here is the upshot on my Neurontin/gabapentin usage and tinnitus. You can catch my earlier posts on this topic up hher on this thread and on this one https.

Gabapentin Does Not Work for <i>Tinnitus</i> - Center for Hearing.

Gabapentin Does Not Work for Tinnitus - Center for Hearing. The med switch described up above mht be connected, but I was off balance before I missed that one dose yesterday. Before that I was drinking heavily and my doctor prescribed hydrocodone which was compounded to avoid additives. So I went looking for alternative therapies and heard hyperbaric oxygen was good for tinnitus. Gabapentin Does Not Work for Tinnitus. by Neil Bauman, Ph. D. Neurontin is no more effective than a placebo for tinnitus relief 1. Why should we not be surprised?

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Neurontin Gabapentin and Tinnitus DailyStrength Often times when treating people with nerve pain the dose of gabapentin needs to be titrated up until the effective dose is reached (since the effective dose is different for each individual). Read more See 2 more doctor answers Gabapentin is used to treat partial seizures, pain related to post herpetic neuralgia as well as neuropathic pain. I am not taking neurontin for tinnitus, but have started taking it a year ago for other conditions and it hasn't had any effect positive or negative for the tinnitus.

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